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12 April 2017 @ 05:27 pm
why breasts? why?  
Every time I come home whimpering in pain from a bra (which is pretty much every day) I wonder why the plastic surgeon said he couldn't take these things all the way OFF. And why he looked to Eor when he said, "Let's just see what we end up with, shall we?" It went over Eor's head at the time that the doctor was seeking his approval as a guy-guy sort of thing, expecting my husband doesn't want them A cups. If Eor had realized that his approval was being sought he'd have said, "I love A cups!"* But regardless I should have walked out on the doctor for seeking my husband's input on what my bra size should be! Why didn't I seek a second opinion? I can't afford to have it done again, either in time or money or discomfort - I really just can't take it. If I could go back in time and change one thing... well, really there's probably billions of more important things in the flow of all time and events, but right this minute my ribs hurt like hell.

*I say it went over his head, but I know the fact is he wasn't looking at the doctor, he was busy looking to me to see what my opinion was, like any good, supportive partner does. He did not consider himself part of that conversation, it was between me and the doctor.

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