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03 April 2011 @ 08:08 pm
just about asleep  
Tried to get to bed early but stupidly had got a coffee on my drive home from Dad's (needing directions to a Shaw's I stopped at a Starbuck's) and ended up unable to get to sleep until 9ish. Two in the ack emma rising for a four AM start at work. I thought it would be completely useless, but the overnighters were flatteringly grateful to see me, which makes me feel better about the whole thing. So, got out at 12:30, went for a hike at Bradbury mountain with Eor and Hawk, and then Eor and I went for a 'date' at Buck's Naked Barbecue. I didn't have a drink there, but when I got home, full of pulled pork, coleslaw and baked potato, I had a hot chocolate with rum and very nearly passed out. I've determined to attempt to listen to The Mauritius Command (BBC Radio 4, available until 4:02PM Sun, 10 Apr 2011 - so I've got to listen before then.) I wish I could save it to listen to on the drive to work, but I don't think it's possible.

Dad is home, now, even though he had told his nurse that he did not want to go home. (Hawk is perplexed and not impressed, because he believes hospital staff should listen to the wishes of patients and dig for the reasons if they suddenly change their minds. Eor has to constantly remind me that we can't approach our step-mother as if she's the enemy, no matter how much we've always felt she walks all over Dad.) He's on the couch - he can sit up or lie down, that's about it - with a plastic tube under his nose to his oxygen compressor. They've taken him off the medication that stops his delusions because they thought that might have contributed to the situation a few days ago, though I didn't see much difference. That may have been because he didn't talk that much; there were a lot of people around, and he gets confused and phases out when there's a lot of conversation.

Well, by 'a lot' I mean his wife, his step-adopted-grandson, my step-sister and her younger daughter - it's a crowd to me. Like my father and his mother, I'm not much good with groups.

I don't think I've seen my step-sister in 26 years, though perhaps I've forgotten, and I haven't met either of her daughters, so I was a little off-kilter. Her daughter, a cute girly-looking fifteen year old, is taking classes in firefighting and wants to join the Army and the Military Police. :) I gave my step-sister my email address and hoped to hear from her, but have not as yet. Although it HAS only been a day. Seems longer for me, with the lack of sleep and all. :)

Oh well, my radio play is over, time to brush my teeth and get to bed.

Wait, I just realized I didn't do the good news/bad news from work. Bad news - working at 4am on Sundays and Wednesdays to help out overnight people with getting ready for testing. Good news - The Skipper and I have a cube to work from! Bad news - the cube has only one computer in it, and the ten people who have been evicted from using that one computer are kind of pissed that now they are now sharing one computer with ten MORE people in the next cube over. The good news... um. After an hour or so of work between me and the helpdesk I think I have a working mouse and email. (I can't imagine how ten people could stand to use a computer where the mouse stops working every five minutes and you have to reboot the damned thing!)