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10 May 2017 @ 04:50 am
I survived. ;)  
At this point I know it's Wednesday, but can I tell you about my Monday? It started with hitting something while I was driving the company car. What did I hit? The boss's car. On the one hand, how much worse can it be? On the other, as the cop we called said, "At least it keeps it in the family." And the boss, who used to be a terror, acted supremely chill about the whole thing. It was just a scratch on the bumper.

Aside from the combination of his car being black, and a dark, small (well, for American cars) parking garage on an overcast day, I suppose the most important factor was that I was feeling stressed and harried. I was on my way to teach a class with the new trainer, who has already proved himself to be back-stabby, and I was getting a slightly later start than I had wanted to, and my direct boss (not the one who's car I hit) was waiting for me to come around and load up some stuff, so I started moving too quickly and without properly checking my seat hight and mirror visibility. I'm usually very careful on that kind of thing, and I guess there's a reason why.

So, no injury, no real damage, but government paperwork took about two hours. And then, of the two hour drive, about an hour and a half was in the rain. People at both ends were under the impression that it was overcast but dry, but the terrain in between brought me about every permutation of rain, on the highway at 70mph, with ridiculous numbers of cars pulled over. It turned into a ten and a half hour long day without real meal breaks (I snacked while driving), and very brief pee stops.

But the class went okay, I think. :)

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Amedia: Calatoria Themisamedia on May 10th, 2017 07:44 pm (UTC)
What did I hit? The boss's car


as the cop we called said, "At least it keeps it in the family."

ROFL! Wow, that's quite a way to look at it! Glad things turned out okay.